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By clicking submit you agree to the following terms and conditions.
This contract is between, Prestige Video & Photography, of 132 Seaview Road, Wallasey. CH45 4PE, their servants, agents or assignees, hereinafter known as, The Producers and “you“, Hereinafter known as The Client.

1. We shall attend the wedding, in accordance with the information furnished by The Client and undertake to record the event, consideration given to time, conditions and type of coverage commissioned.  The Producers shall remain within the time frame of the wedding, as discussed. The cost to The Client will be as agreed, and for this sum The Client shall  receive all images with print licence.

2.  Payment shall be by way of at least £150-00  booking fee, which is deducted from  the balance. As The Client does not hold an established credit account, and it is agreed there is no reclaim value for The Producers, if the product is not collected and paid for, the remaining balance shall be paid not less than four weeks prior to the wedding date. The Producers reserve the right to withdraw their services if accounts are not honoured and failure to honour the account is considered a cancellation.  The conditions in  paragraph 5 will therefore apply.

3.  The goods supplied by The Producers shall be known as The product, be of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose they were intended.  For the purpose of this contract,   “of merchantable quality”, shall be deemed the same quality as witnessed in the sample albums/DVD when the services were commissioned.  “Fit for the purpose intended,” shall be deemed as making no more than a record of the day, consideration given to time allowed, weather, number of commissioned pictures and any other deciding factors.  It is agreed, that an exact replica of the sample album/DVD perused at the time of booking, or albums/DVD’s  previously produced by The Producers, or any other person, is not possible, consideration given to the fact each wedding is different, at different times and dates, with different conditions prevailing.

4.  The Producers shall not be held liable for loss of footage, or a reduction in quality when compared to samples, if the said loss or quality reduction is caused by adverse weather conditions, loss of light, late arrival of people attending, lack of co-operation or any matter outside of The Producers control. Nor shall The Producers be liable for quality rendered from the DVD, when any such loss of quality is due to the playback equipment used by The Client

5. The Client has the right to cancel however in doing so forfeits the booking fee. If cancellation is within 3 months before the wedding date, it is agreed The Client is liable for THE FULL BALANCE, on the basis The Producer has declined alternative work and at such short notice, is unlikely to refill the date. It is agreed that this is the loss to The Producer, caused by the cancellation and The Client shall reimburse this loss. If the Client is allowed to cancel, then this right also applies to The Producer and should The Producer cancel, then the booking fee is returned to The Client.  Should The Producer cancel after the balance has been paid, then all money received is returned to The Client and it is agreed, this shall be the extent of The Producers liability.

6.  The Producers attend at the request and invitation of The Client and shall therefore not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury howsoever caused.  Likewise, The Client shall not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury caused to The Producers.

7. Copyright on all images is the property of The Producers and may be used by the same for display, exhibition, competition and sample purposes, including display on website pages.  It is strictly forbidden to copy the material by any means or for any purpose and all rights under The 1988 Design, Copyright and Patents Act are asserted.

8.  The Producer cannot guarantee against accident or illness and as a result, reserve the right to use alternative staff.  Therefore it is agreed, The Person you see on the assignment date, may not be the same person you see on the wedding day.  Should The Client decline an alternative staff member, then this shall constitute a cancellation and the terms and conditions expressed in paragraph 6 shall apply. Should The Producers fail to acquire the services of alternative staff, then all monies shall be returned to The Client and it is agreed this shall be the extent of The Producers’ liability in this regard.

9.The Producers cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of equipment however shall carry alternative equipment.

10.  Where the Client specifically requests a certain type of dvd footage length, The Producers shall make every effort to supply the footage however The Producers cannot guarantee the footage will be produced.

11. Where The Client requires music to accompany the footage, this sound track must be supplied by The Client to The Producers and it is used on the basis The Client has full copyright clearance on any such work. The Producers will not be held responsible for infringement of copyright from material supplied by The Client. Should The Client fail to provide the requested soundtrack within 1week after the wedding date, then in order to complete The Product, The Client agrees, that The Producers may use any sound track they deem fitting to the footage. Or no sound track at all.

12. All sizes quoted are approximate and prints will provide a colour and density based on skin tone. Due to the reflectance of man-made material, it is not possible to exactly match the colour of man-made fibre.

13. The Producer reserves the right to use any, some or all, images and or footage for advertising, promotional and all other purposes.



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