Written by Jayne at Elegant Steps

Written by Jayne at Elegant Steps

Any bride will tell you the day went by so fast it was all a blur, so preserve the day with a Wedding Day Film of the whole event. Prestige produce a DVD in order of your day, so it remains very special to you.

Opening sequence. Start your wedding day film with an introduction to who you are, a reminder of you both, with a montage of your own photographs starting from childhood, teens to when you both met and your holidays and engagement photographs. It adds a special personal touch to your own piece of family history, you can even add you honeymoon pictures when you get back.

Brides House. What a wonderful start to your wedding, I arrive at your home and capture the events happening prior to the ceremony, all the comings and goings from the flowers arriving, the hairdressers final preparation, the makeup artists finishing touches, the dress hanging on the wall, the ushers collecting the orders of service and flowers. Your childhood home remembered forever, for the last time before you are a married women. It’s an exciting atmosphere and your groom wasn’t there to witness any of it, until he sees the finished DVD.

Ceremony. The most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony, from the arrival of your guests and nervous husband to be, to the exchanging of your vows, the emotional “I Dos”, the tearful relinquish of a fathers baby girl, the rings slipping tenderly into place and the all important signatures on the marriage certificate, the last time the bride will sign her maiden name… or even be called it. Captured on film for you and your family to treasure for the rest of your lives. All of your service is unobtrusively recorded using multiple cameras and digital sound recording equipment. Cameras are placed in the best positions possible to give a highly polished end result.

Reception. The ceremony is over and now we can capture the emotions of those wonderful speeches the best mans witty banter, your fathers emotional farewell, the grooms first opportunity to introduce his new wife, the tears, the laughter, the smiles, the heartfelt thanks, the cutting of the cake, and the raising of glasses, captured memories.

Evening Reception. Your first dance as Mr & Mrs and the emotion of your sentimental song, not noticing anything else going on around you, leading on to your work colleagues and neighbours mixing with your close relatives and friends, your wedding singer and DJ; your mum and dad jiving, nana dancing with your new husband, your best friend dancing with your best man, your father in law leading the conga line, the last dance, your heartfelt goodbyes/goodnights. The end to a wonderful day, a long time planning, the day gone, but all captured on film… forever.

I’d love to have a wedding day film but it’s too expensive?” A part of your family history is about to be made, your wedding day. Having it captured on film means you have something to show your children in many years to come, and you can look back on it and watch your cherished family, some who may not be here in 20 years time.

Prestige Audio Visual have a selection of packages designed for brides on various budgets. Your film time will show time and time again after your wedding day. Also the reality of seeing people in the flesh and hearing their voices and listening to your families heartfelt words during speeches, is just priceless. Any previous bride will tell you “The Day Just Goes So Fast, you never want it to end”. It would be an expensive mistake not to have a wedding film.

“A friend of the family is taking some video for us so that will be okay” It may seem like a great cost cutting idea to get a friend or family member to shoot your video, however, wouldn’t you rather your friend or family member be sitting back and enjoying your wedding day? Also, you have all seen the wedding videos with poor editing, bits of floor, people’s heads in the way of the bride and groom, the sound is poor.

At Prestige Audio Video we will be unobtrusive and film all of the important moments with style and class, we are not there to capture Jeremy Beadle Moments, our professional editing makes your film as professional as any other film you see on TV, so you can look back on it for many years to come without fast forwarding past all the floor and other moments. Also, sometimes your family, may feel intimidated filming people they don’t know having a great time, and you don’t want to miss anything, we will film everyone at your event for you to look back on for many years to come.

Wirral Professional Wedding Services. Update

Wirral Professional Wedding Services. Update

Thank you to all who attended a very enjoyable evening at Leasowe Castle. Thank you to Peter Atherton for allowing me to host the event in The Star Chamber.

The next meeting is planned for Monday 28th May at 6pm at the premises of Elegant Steps, Ark Royal Way, New Chester Road Birkenhead. The theme of the evening will be social networking and anything else you want to chat about.

See you all there.