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Bridal Fayres 2019

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Sat Jan 12th Hillbark

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Feb 24 Formby Hall


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Groom. Sit back and let everyone else do it.

Brides Parents

All Reception Costs, Church Fees, Groom’s Ring, Invitations, Flowers for Church, Bridesmaids and Reception Music for Ceremony, Transportation for Bridal Party, Gifts for Bridal Party, Groom’s Gift, Lodging for Bridesmaids.

Grooms Parents.

Bride’s Ring, Clergy Fees, Bride’s Bouquet, Corsages and Boutonnieres, Rehearsal Dinner, Transportation for Groomsmen, Gifts for Groomsmen, Bride’s Gift, Lodging for Groomsmen

Best Man.  Stag Weekend

Bridesmaid.  Hen Night




Wedding Traditions

A lych gate is a traditional gateway often found at the entrance to church grounds. The open structure is wooden with four or six uprights and two gable ends. The roof will typically be covered with slate.
Many couples choose to marry in a church with a lych gates because they make a lovely backdrop for wedding photographs.    Lych gates are often attractive with slate pitched roof and ornate carvings.

Most common at village churches, tying up the lych gate is a tradition fondly remembered by many. This tradition had lost favour over recent years, however it is making a comeback. Reviving local traditions is an essential part of any vintage themed wedding. It is customary for local children to be tying the church gates while the ceremony is taking place inside the church. When the newly weds exit the church, the children wait eagerly while confetti is thrown and photographs are taken. To leave the church grounds and begin their married lives together, the bridegroom must throw loose change over the gate for the children to collect.

Throwing the Bouquet

Throughout Europe, it is traditional for the bride to throw her bouquet at the reception and for all single women present to compete in catching it.  The woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next who will marry.  But how did this custom originate?

In medieval Europe, a bride typically did not expect to wear her wedding dress again, and the dress was considered good luck for other women, a type of fertility charm.  After the wedding, single women chased the bride and ripped pieces off her dress, leaving her in tatters.  Over the years, wedding dresses became more expensive and it became traditional for women to keep them, either as a memento or to pass on to a daughter for her wedding day.

To prevent guests from ripping the wedding dress, brides began throwing other objects as a distraction, one of which was the garter.  Later, the bouquet became the most traditionally thrown object.  The wedding bouquet is particularly suited to this use, as flowers symbolize fertility, and as perishable items, they are not something the bride would wish to keep.  The bouquet is also a safer item to toss than the garter, as unruly and impatient wedding guests were sometimes known to try to take the garter from the bride while she was still wearing it.



1st Anniversary – Paper

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

3rd Anniversary – Leather

4th Anniversary – Linen

5th Anniversary – Wood

6th Anniversary – Iron

7th Anniversary – Copper or Brass

8th Anniversary – Bronze or Electrical Appliance

9th Anniversary – Pottery

10th Anniversary – Tin or Aluminium

11th Anniversary – Steel

12th Anniversary – Silk

13th Anniversary – Lace

14th Anniversary – Ivory

15th Anniversary – Crystal

20th Anniversary – China

25th Anniversary – Silver

30th Anniversary – Pearls

35th Anniversary – Coral or Jade

40th Anniversary – Rubies or Garnets

45th Anniversary – Sapphires

50th Anniversary – Gold

55th Anniversary – Emeralds

60th Anniversary – Diamonds



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